About Me

Hello and welcome to my personal blog! My name is Hannah Brewer and I am the current Miss Queen State's Outstanding Teen 2012;  a local titleholder in the Miss America's Outstanding Teen Organization. ♥

History in the Miss Maryland Organization: Top ten semi-finalist at 2010 Miss Maryland Outstanding Teen pageant; Second runner up at 2011 Miss Maryland Outstanding Teen pageant; Recipient of the "overall interview" award at 2011 Miss Maryland Outstanding Teen pageant.

Platform: "I ♥ my Heart" (Preventing Heart Disease Across the Country)

Platform Background: National Spokesperson for the American Heart Association; Member of Government Relations team for the Maryland AHA; Youth Advocate; Stroke Ambassador; Volunteer for the Lancaster and Baltimore AHA; Youth Spokesperson for Partnership in Carroll County; Member of "Passion Committee" for the Baltimore AHA, Keynote speaker.
Reason For Choosing My Platform: 54 year old aunt died suddenly of a heart attack, great grandmother suffered from 2 heart attacks, grandmother has shown symptoms of heart disease, both great grandfathers died of heart disease, and little brother was born with heart Problems.

Current Initiatives: Working with the Maryland State Department of Education to adopt a 12 step-screening process for high school and college athletes, visiting schools regularly to spread message with youth about how to live a heart healthy lifestyle, planning events to raise money for "Go Red for Women", regularly volunteering for the Lancaster, DC, and Baltimore AHA's, and working to earn the Gold Congressional Award and  Silver Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

 Fun facts:  I'm a homeschool student. Homeschool may not be for everyone, but was the right decision for me. I have been in Public School, Private School, and now Homeschool. My personal favorite would have to be homeschooling because it gives me the focus I need to become a well rounded, independent, straight A student. Keeping up with my studies and volunteering keeps me extremely busy, but I can always find some spare time to spend as a typical teen! One of my all-time favorite things to do is shop and hang out with friends. Particuarly at Cold Stone Creamery, or at the King of Prussia mall. King of Prussia is definitely my favorite mall, despite the long drive to get there. It's HUGE, it has my favorite stores, and it is also home to the Cheesecake Factory and Starbucks!!! (Do you see the food theme?) I am also a dedicated Crossfit member at RXFit. I find that it is really important to practice what you preach, especially when it comes to being role model for fighting teenage obesity. Another one of my favorite things to do is sing. I sing just about every day. I sing in the car, in my room, everywhere! I even have had the opportunity to sing in the American Idol Experience in Disney World twice, ultimately making the top 5 out of over 300 participants. Another crucial part of my fun time is Disney! My family owns a vacation home in Kissimmee and we go as often as possible. Let's just say we have a deep love for Space Mountain, all things princess, and Mickey Mouse waffles... lol. My absolute favorite quote would have to be, "If you can dream it, you can do it." (Spoken by Walt Disney of course)
I hope that if you ever have the opportunity to come to the state of Maryland, you will come watch the Miss Maryland and Miss Maryland's Outstanding Teen Pageant this June 23rd at the Maryland Theater in Hagerstown! Come support and cheer me on, I'd love to see you there!


  1. Hi Hannah.

    I have a friend who looks a lot like you, and she'd very much appreciate the chance to meet you. She finds your story incredibly inspirational, as she struggles a lot with her life, and she is a dark place right now. Her boyfriend does not think she is as pretty as everyone else thinks she is.

    Do you do autographs? It'd really make her day to get an autograph. She accidently found out about you all the way from England. :)

    Take care!

    Feel free to email me if you're in a position to send an autograph, and I'll send you her address.

    Thank you

    1. Just in case you can't do my email address through my google profile, it's wrinmokka@gmail.com